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Enterprises are moving their business processes towards digitization, mobility, big data analytics, web collaboration and cloud services. Most of them usually do not think of enterprise IT security strategy as a mandatory factor and lack adequate security experts on staff.

This, however, makes for a poor strategy that leads nowhere. Businesses should recognize enterprise IT security as their priority. Personal data, digital intellectual property, enterprise cyber infrastructure and even business-critical apps can be compromised with network attacks, break-ins, inadvertent security lapses and vulnerable web services etc.

Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) provides a full range of IT relevant security services. Our IT Security Services offer businesses a deep, comprehensive overview of their vulnerability landscape in order to raise effectiveness in preventing advanced attacks and mitigate business risks.

Managed IT Security Services

Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) offers effective, high quality solutions addressed to businesses that seek strategic partners to outsource their IT security management. Monitoring and analytics of security incidents, Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Scans are just some of our products. Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) aligns those services directly with business and operational goals and assists clients in complying with their IT governance processes, manage corporate risk and achieve compliance with state laws, legal frameworks and industry standards.

IT Security Auditing & Compliance

Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) ICT boasts extensive experience assessing policies, processes and technical deployment standards against key local and international legal and regulatory requirements. IT Security Auditing & Compliance services are tailored to the client’s legal compliance requirements relevant to their industry.

Our portfolio of security services successfully helps businesses identify all types of system vulnerability to reduce the risk of data loss and unauthorized access. Since regular data security checks can spot potential hazards and remove them in time, they should make a routine process for effective protection of IT systems. Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) ICT Security & Risk Department delivers a vast range of IT Security Audit services to meet market needs, customer expectations and deliver great intelligence.

IT Security Integration and Support

The rising use of ICT technologies across business is poised to make IT security systems much more reliable. As everyday business operations can be disrupted should the business fail to respond to a given threat in time, ICTs make one of key factors in the effective management of information processes.Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM)’s IT Risk & Security Department offers full range of Integration and Support services from network security solutions to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services. With a team of highly skilled Network and Security Engineers and years of business security experience, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions and services tailored to our clients’ expectations. We start from analyzing customers’ needs and then plan and deploy security solutions to meet all the specific requirements. Make sure not only your enterprise network security is at the highest level.

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