As an internationally active enterprise with subsidaries in different countries you face the challenge to deal with a number of different legislations. Your have a supply chain integrating also your suppliers. You want to minimize the risk of failure of your internal and external supply chain and reduce the risk of reputational issues. It is important for you to apply uniforn global EHS standards and policies for your own sites and your suppliers. In order to verify the compliance to national regulations and company policies EHS auditing is the common practice in the industry.

  • Ensure the effectiveness of EHS management
  • Minimize deficiencies in practices and processes
  • Reliably control Health, Safety and Environmental risks
  • Ensure robustness of EHS Management system and procedures
  • Confirm supply chain


Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) Consultancy Expert Services offers, individually or as bundle:

  • Establishing audit system
  • Development of country specific internal and supplier audits
  • Execution of internal and supplier audits
  • Support for your EHS audit team


EHS auditing is the accepted tool in the industry to fulfill these demands. We help you to develop and maintain an EHS audit system tailor made to your company’s requirements. We support your auditors during and after the assessment as co- or lead-auditors or we perform audits on your behalf as independent auditors.


The Audit process helps organizations to enforce EHS procedures, like documentation and management of environmental, health and safety requirements through corrective actions and closed loop follow-up processes. Auditing provides the necessary controls to support a company’s ongoing monitoring process and reduce risk of safety and environmental hazard. With an EHS Audit system and a diligent implementation of corrective actions you can reduce the exposure of your company to investigations and liabilities.

  • Our experience helps you saving resources.
  • Our international team will perform audits where your organization is not present
  • Auditors located in the targeted country (no language barrier)
  • Independant auditors assess the EHS performance to your standards
  • You do not need to maintain a full audit team yourself

Audit System

  • Development of Audit system based on Company Guidelines (objective, frequency, what to assess etc.)
  • Pre-audit questionnaire
  • Audit checklists
  • Performance Metrics
  • Tracking of findings and recommendations
  • Corrective action


Audit planning

  • site Selection
  • scheduling

Audit preparation

  • define audit team
  • distribute pre-audit questionnaire
  • review of pre-audit questionnaire

Audit execution

  • on site assessment
  • present findings and recommendations
  • audit report
  • request for corrective actions

Post Audit Activities

  • tracking of corrective and preventive actions
  • follow-up reports from assessed site
  • grading according company guidelines

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