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Keeping Your Business Going Most companies believe they are adequately prepared for unforeseen adverse events. The truth is that many are not. If you do not have carefully designed and rehearsed procedures and structures in place, your company is at risk of sustaining operational disruption and even business failure.

Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) Consultancy works closely with clients to develop, test, and implement effective strategies for managing organisations through a crisis.

Clients are provided with a comprehensive crisis continuity program and strategies for testing and maintaining the structures and procedures using proven methodology to identify threats, determine the physical, financial and reputational impact of an interruption, and develop contingency plans to maintain and or restart operations in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our Holistic Approach

Crisis Planning - Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) Consultancy works closely with clients developing robust structures and procedures, including clearly defined roles and responsibilities, to help minimise any negative impact on all aspects of a client's business.

Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) Consultancy undertakes comprehensive operational audits and surveys, conducts travel safety seminars, hostile environment training courses, table-top crisis simulation exercises and tests of policies and procedures, as well as providing vulnerability assessments and strategies to strengthen security measures and operational robustness.

On the Ground Incident Support - Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) Consultancy provides on-site incident management supports that remain with the client until the problem is resolved and plans are in motion for business and lives to return to normal.

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