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Carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an essential component of most developmental and industrial activities in any country. This has been adopted to ensure that development and environment protection go hand-in-hand. To achieve this objective, it is crucial that quality of EIAs being carried out is of a high order so that possible impacts on environment of such activities can be assessed and mitigative measures adopted. However, the present situation is far from satisfactory, since the EIAs being developed, more often than not, do not measure up to the required quality.

With highly competent Environmental Engineers along with process specialists, Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) Consultancy executes EIA, with exceptional qualities adhering to some of the mentioned;

  • Adequate scoping for the EIA
  • EIA team with wide knowledge of Legal and federal Laws
  • EIA team with wide knowledge of Technical Guidelines and GMPs
  • Adequate review procedure of EIA by competent personnel

Our Highly competent EIA Coordinators have broad knowledge about your project, as well as the above functional areas so that we are able to correlate the process, production capacity and baseline environmental survey against the Environmental Impacts.

The overall task of Alpha Business Management Co Ltd (ABM) Consultancy schedule includes:

  • A Project Description;
  • A Baseline study of current level of pollution and environmental status;
  • A Regulatory and legal review;

Aspects to be addressed include:

  • Physical Environment
  • Soil Characteristics / Geology / Geomorphology
  • Hydrology / Hydrogeology
  • Surface and Ground water quality; (Water Quality)
  • Socio-Cultural Environment / Traffic Assessment;
  • Impact analysis on water, land, air and marine eco-systems;
  • Others as applicable with regards to legal requirements.

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